Monday, March 13, 2006

Google "Related Sites"

I just discovered Google's Related Sites feature. It finds web sites similar to any given one.

I tried it with mine:

I only got two pages of results, but they are quite interesting, including Father John Corapi, Priests for Life, and Opus Dei, as well as some well-known Catholic blogs. I've never linked to Fr. Corapi's site, but I like his preaching.

The one big surprise was the link to "Orthodoxy Today", but then again I always mention little-o "orthodoxy". I also got a link to Spirit Daily, which I don't think is similar at all.

You want to know about Catholicism? takes you right to the USCCB, New Advent, EWTN, the Catechism, and Zenit. Do the same with a corporation, and you get a list of its major competitors, really quickly.

I don't know what algorithm Google uses to determine what is "related", but it seems to do a fairly good job. Try it on your own.

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