Monday, March 06, 2006

What's Behind the Catholic Mess in Boston

See the article: It All Comes Out in the Wash, from Catholicism Anew, about the forces behind the Church scandals and troubles in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Catholic Charities was being threatened with loss of funding by United Way if they did not provide for homosexual adoptions.

  • Paul LaCamera sat on both the boards of Catholic Charities and United Way, and is a media executive, historically critical of the archdiocese. He now runs the Public Radio stations for Boston University, one of the most secular and "progressive" media outlets.

  • Three other former board members of Catholic Charities were affiliated with LeCamera's stations.

  • Other board members have influence at local universities.

  • Powers that be at the universities around Boston want to make a fortune in stem-cell research, and Cardinal Law was a hindrance. Although they support the homosexual agenda, they manufacture the sex-abuse crisis to oust him.

  • Several of the key players in this ouster had personal vendettas against Law, including one author who lost millions because Cardinal Law would not grant his textbook the nihil obstat.

  • Many members of the coup were associated with the heretical group Voice of the Faithful.

  • The coup was done in cooperation with the Democratic Party and had funding by George Soros.

  • Trial lawyers were involved in the coup, and are making a fortune off of lawsuits.

  • The pedophile priests were set-ups, and were supported by the progressives, until they were outed. However, Cardinal Law has culpability.

  • One of the pedophile priests may have been murdered to avoid coup information coming out during trial.

  • The elites do not care for the victims of pedophilia, but do want to make money off of them and off of the scandal.

I've always been wary of United Way. It is too big, too much under various influences, and I don't like their fundraising. Likewise, I don't care much for Catholic Charities; it's too centralized and uniform. These agencies were set up for 'efficiency', which is, last I checked, not a virtue: now it seems that these were actually set up for political control. Love of poverty is a virtue, and we need people, not money, to provide charity.

George Soros is very rich and I don't like him, and I don't like where he gets his money. He funds many of the so-called "Non-Governmental Organizations" that show up at United Nations meetings, including many heretical "Catholic" groups. While claiming to want "open societies", instead he produces a fog and controls chaos, getting unified action from apparently unrelated groups.

Punitive class-action lawsuits have the potential to destroy the institution of the Catholic Church in the United States. The fact that many of these lawyers are so-called Catholics is unconscionable. If they had proper catechesis, they would know that one of the very worst sins is that of betrayal of a benefactor (although betrayal of a dependent is also a sin worse than murder or rape). Even media-prominent "survivors" organizations get large donations from the trial lawyers: and more importantly, these groups often lobby for changes in the law that in some case were drafted by the trial lawyers themselves.

The mainstream media loves the homosexual lifestyle and they prove that they don't care about the victims of the priestly sex-abuse crisis, since they ignore the same problems in the public schools.

A common strategy for causing change derives from the 19th century philosophies of German Rationalism, which stated that opposing forces often eventually create a synthesis. You don't just push your agenda openly, but instead setup two or more opposing sides against each other, eventually causing the intended outcome. In the current situation, we have Liberal bishops and priests who support homosexuality; we have victims of homosexual abuse, and the outcome is that lawyers line their pockets and the Church is discredited and imploding. Never mind that the powers that be—media, academia, politicians—have been pushing the Church to accept homosexuality: it was a setup! The Church was told that it must liberalize its policies and practice; it did so, and the trap was then sprung.

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