Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Photos of Saint Mary's Greek Catholic Church, in Madison, Illinois

This little church in Madison, Illinois, is a parish of the Saint Nicholas Eparchy for Ukrainian Catholics.

JULY 1912

Slavonic cross on steeple


1312 Iowa Street
Madison, IL 62060

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  1. This is a small Byzantine rite Ukrainian Catholic church. Its history is in the eastern european migration at the turn of the last century. Many of these immigrants worked in the heavy industries of Madison and Granite city. Currently it is in a sad state of affairs. The building is in a sad state of neglect and most of the parishioners have died or moved away. I glanced inside once and could see that in its heyday it was a very pretty little church. The current pastor is I believe from the Ukraine and he told me that all his parisioners are in nursing homes or dead and that he does his best with what he has left. God grant that new parishioners will come along and bring new life