Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mahony and the Minutemen

I'm normally not a fan of Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles, but his decision not act as government agent in rounding up illegal immigrants appears to be correct. See the article: No green card, no Holy Eucharist. If you give charity to only the "deserving" then it is not charity at all. And the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is one of the very biggest of charities. That being said, the Minutemen are also correct in trying to keep illegal immigration down: these are, after all, foreign nationals tresspassing on private land via the assitance of armed gangs, and are breaking the law by entering into our country.

Clearly, most everyone—left and right—says that we need foreign labor in this country, although often for selfish reasons: cheap labor for business and a power bloc for the Left. I'd rather see this immigration being done in a more rational, controlled manner, open to public debate and effected by proper legislative authority.

However, you can't withold charity, freely given, from anyone, and the State should not tell the Church how it gives this charity.

Update: see Jimmy Akin's posting on Immigration & Catholic Teaching. Wealthy nations have a responsibility to poor immigrants. Immigrants have a responsibility to follow the laws of the host nation.

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