Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mystery Photo Contest

Here is an satellite photo of a mystery place. Post your guess as to its location in the comment box.

The first person who successfully identifies this location will win high praise and honors.


1) The town's parish was founded by Jesuits over three hundred years ago.
2) This town has some object in common with Philadelphia, PA.
3) This town is on the "wrong side".
4) About a century before Lewis and Clark, a vastly larger European expedition went through here.
5) Clark's older brother was here during the revolutionary war.
6) It is named after a nation that lived here for a while. They moved here from a place that used to be called St. Louis.


  1. It must be Kaskaskia Island!

    My name is Dr. Eric Waltemate. I live in Perryville, MO. My e-mail is

  2. First guess got it. Kaskaskia, named after an Indian Nation, is on the wrong side of the Mississippi River. This Illinois town is west of the river due to flooding.