Sunday, April 23, 2006

Photos of Saint Anthony of Padua Church, Saint Louis, Missouri

Here are photos of Saint Anthony of Padua church in south Saint Louis, Missouri

The church is staffed by members of the Order of Friars Minor.

This large church is magnificent inside. When I visited, I was happy that the church was open: I went to get my camera and tripod out of my car, but when I got back to the church, these doors were locked.

The school seems similar to contemporary designs built by William B. Ittner, a prominent Saint Louis architect of a century ago, responsible for many public schools in the City and nationwide.

3112 Meramec Street
Saint Louis, Missouri 63118


  1. Ahh..very familliar with St. Anthony's. It was where my wife grew up and where we were married. You may wish to take pictures on Fridays at 3:00, when they have a Holy Hour.

  2. So, what are the rules about churches being open or locked? I thought they were always supposed to be open. I suppose one could go to the rectory and ask for someone to open up, but it seems such a bother. Like you, I enjoy visiting churches I pass by and sometimes taking pictures.

  3. And my father says he used to walk past it every day on his way to school. It really is nice inside, and must be one of the largest churches in the Archdiocese.