Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Universal approval of Latin Missal could be on the way"

See the article Universal approval of Latin Missal could be on the way.
"The St. Pius V Missal, which the Catholic Church used until 1962 before it was replaced by the new ordinary following the liturgical reforms of Vatican II, could be approved for universal use, according to sources close to the Vatican."
Sometimes when you lose your way, you have to retrace your steps to find the correct path.


  1. Yeah,

    I just signed up with UNA VOCE once I read this story. My bishop down here in the Ozarks doesn't permit the Tridentine Mass to be celebrated in this diocese. He's a good and sincere man, but I think he's sincerely wrong on this issue. Anyway, if it really pans out the way this story seems to indicate, than I guess this will all be a moot point, since any priest will be permitted to celebrate it again. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. We musn't forget that the Ozarks were highly anti-Catholic in years past. The reforms of Vatican II were most popular in those places that had the strongest anti-Catholicism: the faithful wanted to be nondistinct. That is one of the reasons for the Charismatic movement.

    A good thing that has occured since V2 is that American evangelicals are no longer as anti-Catholic as they once were. Now we need to deal mainly with the anti-Catholic atheistic elites.

  3. Agreed.

    Catholicism's biggest problem today does not come from mainline Evangelicals, but rather the anti-catholicism of the new Secular Left. I've posted a few stories on my blog about that. It's becomming just as bad, if not worse, than anything the Evangelicals ever dished out to us.

  4. Secularists have a far worse track record than other Christians: France, Russia, China, Mexico, Italy, Spain, .... the number of atrocities is enormous.