Monday, April 10, 2006

“Natanz. Arak. Bushehr. Ishafan. Bonab. Ramsar.”

See this short science fiction story from Dan Simmons: April 2006 Message from Dan. The language is coarse and the story is sobering.
“Ahmadenijad,” he said softly. “Natanz. Arak. Bushehr. Ishafan. Bonab. Ramsar.”

“Those words don’t mean a damned thing to me,” I said as I scribbled them down phonetically. “Where are they? What are they?”

“You’ll know soon enough,” said the Time Traveler.

“Are you talking about . . . what? . . . the next fifteen or twenty years?” I said.

“I’m talking about the next fifteen or twenty months from your now,” he said softly.

See this article by Victor Davis Hanson: Has Ahmadinejad Miscalculated? The Iranian president better sober up and do some cool reckoning.

Also see: Tehran accuses US of mind games. "President Ahmadinejad also promised "very good nuclear news in the coming days", without giving more details."

Iran 'in further missile tests' "Iran has successfully test fired a "top secret" missile - the third in a week, according to state-run Iranian TV."

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