Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shocking news

Dutch Bishop Grasmaand Dwaas shocked Roman Catholics today when he announced his conversion to Islam.
"Although I will always consider myself Catholic, and still love the Church, the
positive changes we experienced after the Second Vatican Council have been
repudiated by Pope Benedict. Unwilling to remain a part of a backwards
institution which is irrelevant to the spiritual needs of modern Europeans,
love for the true, undistorted Gospel of Jesus leads me to accept Islam.

"For I have always rejected the divinity of Jesus, ever since the Catechism
of the Dutch Catholic Church was first published in 1969. Since most
of the population of the Netherlands is now Muslim, I converted to serve
local need."

See this article.



  1. Is the story factual, or an April Fool's joke? If it's factual, than good riddens! Such a man is unworthy to serve as a bishop in the Catholic Church. Based upon his supposed interpretation of Vatican II, it sounds to me like he was more of a liability to the Church than an asset. If only more clergy like him would go the way of Mohammed. The Church would be a lot better off.

  2. Read the first letter of each line of the quote for a clue.

    But it does remind me of those kids who come from extremely liberal, alienated homes, who start out as atheists, and end up joining extremely rigorous sects.

    That is why I think that Catholicism has to recover its rigor