Monday, May 07, 2007

Catholic Restorationists

STEVE SKOJEC started a new group of websites, Catholic Restorationists, which is "Dedicated to the restoration of Catholicism through an emphasis on liturgy, sacraments and culture." Current members include:
  • Recapturing Our Catholic Patrimony Recapture your Catholic heritage! Come discuss the Catholic Faith, ask the tough questions, get good answers, or just share your personal reflections on Catholicism in today's culture. We try to practically live and share our treasured faith!
  • The Rule And if, flying from the pains of hell, we desire to reach life everlasting, then, while there is yet time, and we are still in the flesh, and are able during the present life to fulfil all these things, we must make haste to do now what will profit us forever.
  • Uncovering Orthodoxy A Young Catholic Discovers Tradition
  • HaJollyHa [Infrequent] reflections on Faith, virtue, tradition, culture, art and economics from a traditional Roman Catholic perspective.
  • Stony Creek Digest Faith, family, homesteading, tradition and restoration.
  • and your worthless servant.

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