Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spring Flora

THE FOLLOWING PHOTOGRAPHS were taken in my sister-in-law Connie's garden, on Mother's Day, which was a glorious Sunday in the Season of Easter.


  1. How beautiful. Something that I noticed with these pictures is that most of the flowers have five petals even as Our Lord had five wounds. You are a wonderful photographer Mr Abeln.

  2. Awesome, stunningly beautiful pictures! Great job on all of your pictures & on your whole enjoyable website!!! Please, keep up the great work, at your comfortable pace, that is. Take some time for yourself, too. Thank you very much!

  3. I liked Father Bailey's comments. It's so wonderful to see God in His creation...the five petals...the five wounds of Christ...the petals of a Shamrock & the Holy Trinity. I also like to see pictures of actual snowflakes which often look like the Star of David or the Star of Bethlehem...& That purple flower you photographed is gorgeous! It reminds me of the Queen of Heaven sitting at a Gothic-style arched throne. Thank you for these breath-taking photos. :)