Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Poll

Here are the results of my last poll:

Are you considering a vocation to the Roman Catholic clergy or consecrated religious life?

No, but once I thought that I had this vocation. 19%
No. 17%
Yes, I might have a late vocation. 16%
Yes, and I am in a seminary, novitiate, or formation program. 14%
Maybe. 10%
I am already ordained Catholic clergy or consecrated Religious. 7%
Yes, and I am a recent convert. 6%
No. I'm not Catholic. 6%
Yes, and I've never wanted any other vocation. 4%
Yes, but not for the Roman Catholic clergy or religious orders. 1%

Here is a new poll:

Mass Attendance

How often do you attend Mass?

Never. I'm not Catholic.
Not every week.
Every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.
Usually more than once per week.
I CELEBRATE Mass daily.

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