Monday, May 14, 2007

Norumbega Online Magazine

I received the following email yesterday:

A humble, periodic online journal and miscellany.

Charles Coulombe takes on Europe and the Empire.

Thomas Marshall discusses the rising tide of the Scotland's SNP.

Andrew Cusack tackles an Afrikaans folk song and Anglosphere Union.

George Irwin ponders his move to Zululand.

In Bohemian Living, Lord Michael Pratt's The Great Country Houses of the Czech Republic and Slovakia is reviewed.

And of course we have Thirty Facts About the Duke of Edinburgh.

• • •

Dear internauts,

We hope you will read and enjoy Norumbega, our new little online venture, which is an entirely amateur effort completed in our free time and odd hours. As we make our web debut, we realize that as Norumbega makes its debut it is far from perfect, but that if we waited for perfection we would never have it done. We hope to build upon this humble effort, and invite you to send us your thoughts and ideas, or to suggest those who might be interested in contributing.

Warm regards,

This online magazine is Monarchist, Anglophile, pro-European, and throne-and-altar Conservative, and yet is thoroughly American. "Norumbega" is a legendary town, perhaps settled by Vikings, that was supposed to have existed in the New England area.

Andrew Cusack, a friend of this blog, is a featured writer.

The headline article, Europe and the Empire, deserves some comment. Europe, for the past several centuries, has been destroying her identity as well as her populace, and since 1968, has merely increased the speed of her headlong plunge into Hell. Europeans will either have to recover their sanity, in a way organic and natural to their history, tradition, and languages, or the Muslims will most certainly do it for them, and in their own way. The article discusses a very traditional alternative to the European Union.

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