Monday, November 05, 2007

Photos of Saint Peter Church, in Kirkwood, Missouri

HERE ARE PHOTOS of Saint Peter Church, in Kirkwood, Missouri. The church is about 16 highway miles southwest of downtown Saint Louis.

Saint Peter Roman Catholic Church, in Kirkwood, Missouri, USA - nave

While we may debate whether or not Modernism is an appropriate architectural style for Catholic churches, it cannot be denied that the very finest examples of this style are Catholic churches. This church dates from 1951; the parish dates from 1832.

Kirkwood was the first suburban bedroom community west of the Mississippi River, built as a stop on the route of the Missouri-Pacific railroad. The city was organized in 1853 and named after James P. Kirkwood, who was in charge of the construction of that railroad. The parish predates the town of Kirkwood and served an early pioneer settlement.

Saint Peter Roman Catholic Church, in Kirkwood, Missouri, USA - baptistery

Shrine to the patrons of the Archdiocese is in the baptistery. In the center is a statue of Saint Louis IX, King of France, holding the Crown of Thorns; to the left is a portrait of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, and to the right is Saint Vincent de Paul.

Saint Peter Roman Catholic Church, in Kirkwood, Missouri, USA - relics

A display of relics for All Saints Day, including those of Saints Maria Goretti, Pope Pius X, and Thomas Aquinas.

Saint Peter Roman Catholic Cemetery, in Kirkwood, Missouri, USA - graves of priests of Saint Peter Parish

Saint Peter Cemetery is near the church; here are the graves of former parish priests. In the foreground is a monument which marks the location of the first parish church; in 1867 a new church was built closer to the Kirkwood railroad station.

Pews from this first church are now located in a private chapel at nearby Mudd's Grove, a brick Greek Revival home built in 1859.

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