Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA - tabernacleTabernacle, at the newly-renovated Saint John the Baptist Church, in Saint Louis, Missouri.


  1. Beautiful! How your photo captured the subtle colors and lighting. I'd be hard pressed to copy that with my pastels. Lovely. Thank you for this and your other wonderful works.

  2. You are very much welcome. I'm glad you noticed the color and lighting subtlety, since I've been working on that lately. But if I had taken this photo for a client, I'd have added some fill light on the crucifix and tabernacle.

    The only reason that my photos may look good is that I choose subjects that were made by people who actually have talent. If I were to draw or paint anything, it would look like it was done by an eight year old.

    My photographic work isn't particularly creative, but rather is by-the-numbers and whatever looks good to me.