Friday, September 05, 2008

A Note on the Photos

I AM HUMBLED by the reception of my photos here on Rome of the West.  What started in response to a suggestion to show some of the then-about-to-be-closed churches in the Archdiocese, has become (according to one pastor) an "apostolate" of showing the beauty of the Catholic patrimony of art and architecture in my area.  While I've always been pleased to spout off my own opinions, it is the photographs here that have proved popular, even though I'm usually dissatisfied with them.

I get many requests for the republication of my photos, and the work seen here can now be found on many church websites, weekly parish bulletins, an upcoming Illinois cathedral calendar, a diocesan directory, magazines, and an interesting project yet to be announced.  I am happy to provide these images free of charge to dioceses, parishes, and religious orders and associations.  Just send me an email (seen on the right side of my website) if you would like to use one of my photos.

The field of professional photography is undergoing financial difficulties lately and I understand the concern that any pro photographer may have regarding the fact that I give my work away for free.  This service is in recognition of my grave duty as a Catholic to support the Church and by no means is meant to compete with commercial services.

I occasionally get requests to do commercial photography.  These I am happy to fulfill as I am able, and I limit my work to the subject matter that I am comfortable with, namely, architecture and architectural interiors.  My technique is directed towards displaying the detail, scale, proportion, and color inherent in an object in a way that is as naturalistic as the art allows, simultaneously considering how an object actually appears to the eye, as well as the desire to present the object as it would be seen under ideal circumstances.  Please send me an email (displayed on the right) to discuss your project.  My pricing is determined by time, expenses, and the final use of the photographs; camera equipment to be used is determined by the particular project.

I am also happy to provide large prints of selected photos.  These are printed on fine art paper with fade-resistant pigments, mounted on gallery-quality archival matting for long life. A variety of framing is available.  Photos available in color or richly toned black and white. Please send me an email to discuss specifics.  

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