Monday, September 29, 2008

Photo of Saint Michael the Archangel Church, in Shrewsbury, Missouri

Saint Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church, in Shrewsbury, Missouri, USA - altar

For Michaelmas, here is a photo taken recently at Saint Michael the Archangel Church, in the suburban Saint Louis County city of Shrewsbury, Missouri. The central stained glass window depicts Michael.


  1. I am not familiar with Shrewsbury at all. I am curious if there was a nationality that was predominant when this church was built?

  2. The parish was founded by Germans in 1895.

    Shrewsbury was named by a farmer, Gen. John J. Murdoch, after the village of Shrewsbury Park in England. I don't know his biography, or why he might have chosen that name. Many streets in Shrewsbury have English names, and were actually named by an Englishman, but this happened when the Saint Louis city street grid and street names were extended from the Southampton neighborhood into Shrewsbury.

    The parish sits on the site of Murdoch's mansion, which as far as I know may actually now be the parish rectory.

  3. I grew up in St. Michael's in Shrewsbury on Lansdowne Ave. and St. Michael's was the center of our town and life and it gives me great sadness to that beautiful altar stripped! Where is the Tabernacle which was the Center of our lives and should be still the Center in EVERY Roman Catholic Church. How very sad Our Lord and St. Michael the Archangel must be!