Thursday, September 11, 2008


SEPTEMBER 11th, 1683, the forces of Austria, Germany, and Poland, under the command of King John Sobieski of Poland, defeated the army of the Ottoman Turk at the gates of Vienna, finally reversing the expansion of Islam, which in a thousand years had captured by force two thirds of Christendom.

The Holy League, supported by Pope Innocent XI, arrived at the besieged Vienna just as the Ottomans were prepared to breach the city walls and do battle in the streets against the starving defenders.  

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in Springfield, Illinois, USA - window 3.jpg

King John Sobieski, depicted on a stained glass window at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield, Illinois.

Explosives were set under the city walls, and the fuse was lit; the fuse was extinguished at the last moment as the Polish heavy infantry attacked; and one of the largest calvary charges in history, led by Sobieski, finally defeated and scattered the Ottoman troops.

This battle was not in the Holy League's personal interest, for in fact their countries were left practically undefended and in consequence their lands shamefully suffered attacks from their Christian neighbors.  Rather, the Holy League fought and sacrificed for Christendom herself, and halted the advance of Islam into Europe for centuries.

Sadly, Christendom hardly exists anymore, and the barbarians have now been invited within the gates of Vienna.  The European elites hardly care, for perhaps they think that they can subvert Islam just as easily as they ruined Christianity.  But they misjudge their skills in cultural genocide as much as they underestimate the determination of Islam.  Drugs, entertainment and sex keep the European masses unaware of the fact that they live under totalitarian rule, but Muslim minds remain keen, and they watch and wait in anticipation for the time to resume their conquest, halted over three centuries ago.


  1. Thanks for reminding us of this important event!

    However, the actual victory in the Battle of the Kahlenberg (as it is known in German) was on September 12th, not 11th, which can be seen from the fact that the feast of the Holy Name of Mary is celebrated on this date to commemorate the victory, and the occasion is still marked every year with greta solmenity in Vienna (Maria-Namen-Feier; this year their with the hew bishop of Fatima).

    And another small correction: to speak of "the forces of Austria, Germany, and Poland" is a rather modern conception, since at that time Austria was part of Germany (the Holy Roman Empire), and the "Austrian" troops were called "the Imperials" in the sense of personal troops of the Emperor, who belonged to the House of Austria ("die Kaiserlichen"), while the other troops were "Imperials" in the sense of being of the states of the Empire ("Reichsheer"), and were really Bavarian, Saxon, and of other smaller principalities.

  2. The sources I've read said the 11th of September.

  3. Gregor thanks for the clarificaton!! Mark shame on you for ranting about Europeans when the America culture is what has so dominated the worlds Movie and TV screens and now the whole damn world hates us!!! Then add in the military arrogance perpetuate by the Bush administation. You talk as though all muslims are about practicing the faith that you seem so proud of and extend the hand of friendship and understanding to a muslim neighbor. Hey I bet you are going to vote for the Palin/McCain ticket because they are haters too!!!

  4. Mark and puma really have said all there is to say on this topic. Mark, you are smart enough to know that not all Muslims believe the same, just as not all Christians believe the same. To pretend otherwise is disingenuous and contrary to specific teachings of both Jesus and the Catholic church. Similarly, to pretend that the average Muslim mind is somehow keener than the minds of our American McDonalds workers is a flat-out denial of the most straight-forward genetics.

    "Drugs, entertainment and sex keep the European masses unaware of the fact that they live under totalitarian rule." Accurate enough. But how is that different from any other period in history? (Think "bread and circuses".) And who are the totalitarian rulers (names, please)?

    Puma, it would be hard to take issue with your comment -- the advice to "extend the hand of friendship and understanding to a muslim neighbor" encapsulates the Catholic position quite well.

  5. Irene, I am not without guilt by any shape of the imagination and I will stand up and say it. What troubles me is that as a nation we have allowed this kind of hatred to become so prevailing in our thinking. This blog and even some guests/hosts on EWTN television have spouted this kind of garbage...I have up to now been impressed with the HOSTS knowledge of our faith but this one was just over the top for me!!! (Mark are you just trying to stir the pot? if so stir in the other direction)

  6. Puma,

    I dislike what has become the culture of the United States, and although we make the films and television that people actually watch, western European culture is rather worse in my opinion. Anyone of any traditional religious persuasion ought to be alarmed at the immorality that is promoted from the West, and I've written extensively about it. I don't blame the Muslims if they hate the U.S. because of this grave immorality, I just don't like the violent methods of retaliation used by some. Please note that historically, Christians viewed the Muslim invasions as being the scourge of God, punishment upon the Christians for sin. Of course, being the tool of God's vengeance does not mean that the aggressors will go unpunished themselves.

    If the United States were to become an integral Christian country, then the powers that be would most certainly clean up film and television. Exposing people to the occasion of sin would be unthinkable.

    Regarding the current war, do not assume that I am any fan of it. However, I do not think that it is either a 'war for oil' nor is it a war to liberate the Iraqi people, rather it seems that the main rationale for the war is strategic: take a look at the U.S. military bases in the region and you will note that they make an almost complete circle around the border of Iran. THAT is serious business indeed, and both senior Republicans and Democrats seem to act as though they know something big is going down. Pray for peace.

    It is ironic that you say that I hate Muslims while at the same time apparently showing something less than love to me. I need friendship and understanding, too.

    I live a block away from the Muslim neighborhood in Saint Louis, and the Bosnians I've met have been fine people in every way - but I have an expectation that everyone shows courtesy and respect to each other. But I do not show courtesy and respect to bad ideas, as my writing generously shows.

    McCain seems to be no more of a hater than Obama and Biden. But this is not a political blog, although I do enjoy discussing political ideas. Both political parties are far from the Catholic ideal, especially since both seem to be in favor of the unlimited centralization of either political or economic power or both.


    I am well aware that there are Muslims who lack belief, as there are Christians who lack the faith. There also are nominal Muslims who hold to the Enlightenment Religion of Kant, Hegel, and sometimes Marx, as there are nominal Christians who do so also. But this is not the religion of their founders.

    A doctrine of Catholic moral theology is that sin dulls the intellect and will, while opening up the passions. As a matter of fact, the Muslim population generally lives a far more moral life than do Westerners on average. The rates of murder, alcoholism, drug abuse, adultery, divorce, violence, and such forth, are far lower in Muslim countries as a whole than in the West. Therefore, less sin = keener intellects. And stronger wills.

    We live under a system of "soft" totalitarianism, where there is no strong man in a jackboot, but rather legions of party aparatchik. Power, both political and economic, is increasingly centralized in this system. All industries have consolidated, and many crimes now come under the jurisdiction of the Federal courts. The Federal government increasingly controls local government via grants and infrastructure funding. Lately our public schools have come under heavy-handed national regulation. As you mentioned, the masses are placated by bread and circuses.

    Best regards,


  7. Mark, I don't hate you, if I did trust me I would stop checking this blog in a heart beat....not unlike what I have done with Rush and the so called fair and balance Fox News network. You are brighter than that!