Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Photo of Saint Louis Riverfront

Downtown Saint Louis, Missouri - view from Eads Bridge at sunrise

Downtown Saint Louis, taken today at sunrise. Click photo for a larger version.


  1. Very nice! I've been waiting for a day when I can go out and take a few night exposures... especially in the late evening, when some lights are still on in the buildings.

  2. Jeff,

    Night photography is a challenge and I'm sure you can learn a lot of good techniques with practice.

    I find that dusk is the best time of day to take photos: the colors are great because of the combination of dark blue skies and electric lighting.

    Night is more of a challenge, requiring plenty of Photoshop work to correct for the color of the lighting, especially if sodium or mercury vapor lighting is used.

    Oddly, dawn does not have very good color, and makes for relatively uninteresting photos compared to sunset.