Monday, September 04, 2006

"A Few Remarks on Classical Architecture Today"

See the article A Few Remarks on Classical Architecture Today over at the Shrine.
What is needed is a revival of good craftsmanship and handywork, which exists in other countries and even in small isolated pockets here and there. What is needed is to push the envelope, and demand better from contractors, plasterers and the like. Even then, more can be done than we think if we are clever about our design. I am notorious for my extravagant architectural concoctions, but I've also boiled down my hypothetical designs to more manageable productions before. Simplicity is only possible after exploring the complete package of the complex.
Architecture is on the forefront of the Restoration of culture, but many of the other arts lag behind.

For the Classical Tradition to remain a living tradition, and not just be an antiquarian exercise, or a puristic pursuit for "authenticity" suitable only for museums, it needs to keep up with currrent technology. We must not forget that Science is a virtue on par with that of Art:
There are also the possibilities inherent in laser-cutting, three-dimensional computer sculpting and other industrial technologies which may place good ornament, even custom-made ornament, within the reach of Everyman, or every parish. I can't speak from experience, but I know such technologies exist out there somewhere, and remain unmined by the classicist. The problem is, the right people aren't talking and putting their heads together.
When can we start? Are there any investors out there willing to support this venture?

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