Friday, September 08, 2006

Saint Louis Art Fair

The Saint Louis Art Fair is being held this weekend in downtown Clayton, Missouri. This juried art fair is one of the best in the nation, and it is very difficult for an artist to get accepted; consequently, most of the exhibitors are from out-of-state.
"Painting, photography, sculpture, prints and drawing will be available, as well as traditional - and not so traditional - craft objects, including ceramics, glass, fiber, jewelry, and wood and metal work, along with mixed media.

"Cynthia Prost, the fair's producer, estimates that 150,000 people will attend this year's event - and that they will buy more than $2 million worth of arts and crafts."
In previous years, I've noticed that the Fair features Modernist art almost exclusively; that is, art lacking distinct form, sign value, or adherence to tradition. I wonder what sales would be if they would restore our cultural patrimony in art?

The Fair is very popular with the ladies, be they well-dressed women from the wealthy western suburbs, or young women with tattoos and piercings.

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