Friday, September 22, 2006

Photo of Saint Gabriel the Archangel Church, in Saint Louis, Missouri, at dusk

This is Saint Gabriel the Archangel Church, in the Saint Louis Hills neighborhood of the City of Saint Louis, Missouri. It is one of three Archangel churches constructed within a ten year period, and all are rather close to each other.

It is a late Art Deco design; its cornerstone dates from 1948. This church does reflect liturgical changes that were brewing even before the Second Vatican Council: the seating arrangement is fan-shaped, and the sanctuary is a bit more open than traditional.

It was here on June 15th, 2003, that I entered the Church with Confirmation and First Communion. Many thanks to the former Pastor, Fr. Burgoon (now Pastor of Saint Richard's in Creve Coeur, Missouri) and Deacon Volansky for their guidance.


  1. How 'bout some interior shots of this one? They don't appear to have any on the official website.

  2. I've been meaning to for all of the past week. But a friend and his wife and new baby are in town, so I haven't made the time!