Friday, September 29, 2006

Photos of Saint Gabriel the Archangel Church, in Saint Louis, Missouri

This is Saint Gabriel the Archangel church, in the Saint Louis Hills neighborhood of Saint Louis, Missouri. This late Art Deco style church is one of the newer Catholic churches in the City, dating from 1948.

This photo was taken at sunset; the color of the exterior stone is light tan.

Bas-relief of the angel on the front of the church.

A view of the spire from about a quarter of a mile from the west, looking down Nottingham Avenue. The church faces Francis Park, here on the right.

Another view of the spire.

Exterior of a confessional outside of the church.

A back door into the church.


Detail on the side of the school.

A view of the nave from the narthex.

The nave.

The sanctuary, with nice floral decorations for this church's feast-day. The photo was taken during weekly Eucharistic adoration.

Altar with monstrance.

Detail of mosaic on altar.

A view of the sanctuary from the side.

Saint Joseph with the Child Jesus; the statue is over the Holy Oils and is behind the baptismal font. The church was originally built with a separate baptistery, now a confessional.

The poor box. This photo also shows the angled seating in this church.

Infant Jesus

Icon of Saint Gabriel, dating from 1986.

The XIVth station of the cross, in mosaic; Jesus is laid in the tomb.

Our Lady of Fatima shrine. This church features numerous devotional shrines.

A stained glass window in the cry room. The windows in the nave are more representational.

Holy water.

Sign with Mass times.

A view of the neighborhood near the church. Saint Louis Hills has numerous charming homes, with nice architectural detail.

Archdiocesan web site:


6303 Nottingham Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63109


  1. Its seems the sanctuary was only lightly touched by the reforms; shame about the stone/upholstered combo for the sedilia though!

    The exterior is finer than the (still good) interior. Thanks for the pics!

  2. You are welcome. I agree that the exterior is better than the interior, although I don't know how it was modified from the original.

    By the way, I had to look up the word "sedilia" in the dictionary. Thanks for teaching me something new!

  3. This parish also has the largest music ministry in St. Louis. 8 choirs, over 200 musicians, leading music for over 600 Masses per year - a very active place. Their main adult choir is heavenly - chant, polyphony, classical works, and some well done contemporary music also. This is THE place in St. Louis to hear Catholic sacred music at its finest.

  4. Very cool that you captured the sign with the concert announcement. I used to belong to the group, which means I would have been ringing at that concert! :) - Jeff