Wednesday, September 06, 2006

H4(|{3r$' 4v3 M4r14

H41£ M4r¥ ƒµ££ 0ƒ 9r4(3 7h3 £0rÐ 1$ w17h 7h33. B£3$$3Ð 4r7 7h0µ 4m0n9 w0m3n 4nÐ b£3$$3Ð 1$ 7h3 ƒrµ17 0ƒ 7h¥ w0mb j3$µ$.

H0£¥ M4r¥ M07h3r 0ƒ 90Ð pr4¥ ƒ0r µ$ $1nn3r$ n0w 4nÐ 47 7h3 h0µr 0ƒ 0µr Ð347h. 4m3n.

If computer hackers said the Rosary.

Courtesy of Albino Black Sheep.

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