Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Cat Photo


My sincere apologies to my readers who don't like cats!


  1. I love cats (and pictures of cats).

  2. What a beautiful cat! :)

    What is her name? (or his, but it looks like a girl kitty.)

  3. Rachel,

    His name is Twinkly, named by my late girlfriend Lisa who earlier wanted to call him 'Pinky'. He has a twinkle in his eyes and his ears are pinkish, which are the reasons for the names. Twinkly is a castrato, having lost his manhood while still a kitten, and, unlike my other male cats, he retains a high-pitched kittenish meow: also, he does not 'bother' the female cats as do the other boys.

    He is a bold cat, immediately playing in deep snow while the others watched. He is the guardian of my back porch, and usually stays out there all night long. He prefers to drink water fresh out of the tap.

    He is a farm cat, and lives here with his sister Shilo, who is also gray and white.