Thursday, May 22, 2008

Granting Human Rights to Animals, While Denying them to Actual Humans

SEE THE ARTICLE Should apes have human rights? at the BBC. "An international movement to give them "personhood" is gathering pace," while at the same time these folks are pushing hard for eugenics and euthanasia of actual humans.  

I hereby demand the right not to be governed by people like this.


  1. Yeah, the only people who should be denied their human rights are those pushy homosexuals.

  2. Come on now, I wasn't talking about you. When the revolution comes, we both will be put up against the wall and shot. Just try not to go to your end yelling about how your rights are being violated. Bullets are known to be profoundly indifferent to political ideologies.

  3. I demand the right not to be governed by people like you.

  4. We are agreed then. A major problem is that power is so centralized these days. Peoples are not just left alone to govern their own affairs.

  5. How silly. Rights for the apes that is. Animals are incapable of having rights. To have rights means that the one posessing the rights also has responsibilities. Apes are incapable "in esse" of being responsible for their actions thus they can never have rights.

  6. I believe that even my beloved Francis would agree that if even one human life is saved by sacrificing (respectful of God's Creation and without waste) animals, especially in medical testing, then God will be pleased. And so should we.

    I do not get the "animal rights" agenda. I understand stopping wanton or self-indulgent abuse. But treating them better than humanity is distressing. I could cry to watch advertisement about spending thousands on pets that many would never donate to educate, house, or feed children.

    Thanks for the post Mr. Abeln