Friday, May 23, 2008

Antebellum Lake

Lakewood Park Cemetery Lake, in Affton, Missouri, USA

Stone wall next to a lake, formerly part of the Louis Benoist estate, in Affton, Missouri.


  1. Mark, I have noticed that many of your photos are taken with cloudy backgrounds. I know the sun shines in St. Louis! Those cloud shots add character to your shots. I just had a friend question why we say have a happy memorial day??? So I say to you have a mindful Memorial Day and be thankful for those who passed!! MG Plymouth Indiana!

  2. Memorial Day ought to be sorrowful, that is true.

    I would think that maybe 1/3 of all days in Saint Louis are overcast. While I prefer photographing bright, clear blue skies with a few fluffy clouds, those are hard to find! We get moisture-laden air from the Gulf of Mexico in Winter and Spring, which gives overcast skies, or we have hot, stagnant Summer air, where the sky is hazy, dirty, and yellow. There are so few days where we have deep, dark, rich blue skies!

    Both human color vision and camera sensors have difficulties with the color blue, and overcast days are overwhelmingly blue in color, although you don't notice it. The end effect is that the existing color as recorded by the camera is highly muted. So I consider photography on an overcast day a technical challenge.