Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chicago is in Wisconsin, and other Strange Maps

HAVING LONG BEEN FASCINATED by maps, I find the website Strange Maps a delight. Here are some of my recent favorite maps:

A geographically awful map of the U.S., from Swiss Airlines. Chicago is shown as being in Wisconsin; Little Rock is in Indiana, and Pittsburgh is completely under water.

Thomas Jefferson's proposed names of states in the Northwest Territory. What is now the part of Illinois east of Saint Louis would have been called "Polypotamia".

Plurality religion, by county, of the United States.

Blonde Map of Europe, where fair-hair rules.

Map of the tribes of Germania in Roman times.

The ancient watercourses of the Mississippi River.

A map of global Islamic conquest. Timetable for complete control of the world: 100 years.

A Map of Belgium, as well as a few outlying areas otherwise known as Europe. According to the map, the French speak a dialect of Walloon; Spain is renamed "Summer Belgium".

A geographically unrecognizable map of the United States, from Japan. While this map shows Mexico, there is no Canada whatsoever; even Alaska is an island.

A map of the enclave of Kentucky, south of New Madrid. A long-contested part of Kentucky is completely separated from the rest of the state by a bend in the Mississippi River. It borders Tennessee to the south, and Missouri along the river.

Geography of Baseball loyalties. The Saint Louis Cardinals rules the heart of a surprisingly large part of the Midwest and South.

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